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Lori Graves

Lori Graves, a world renowned, passionate concert artist, is known for her breathtaking technical prowess. She keeps her audiences on the edge of their seats with her dynamic and extensive musical repertoire.

Drawing on her extensive classical training,

Lori has been known for creating some of the most extraordinary and intricate orchestral arrangements of music which range from Bach and Billy Joel to full movie scores. Her stunning dexterity on the manuals and the pedals, along with her playfulness always leave her audiences thrilled.


Did you know that I am a classically trained organist? I studied organ and piano at DePaul University School of Music where I have a bachelor's degree. Although many of you have heard my modernistic playing, I am proud to announce that I will be church organist for the First United Methodist Church here in Florida. 

I will be playing on a beautiful Quantum Renaissance 345C Allen organ, Although the music will by liturgical, Keith Emerson's Promenade by Moussorgsky is calling to me...

quantum allen organ.jpg

NHL Updates

Congratulations to the 2020 Stanley Cup Winners


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Lori and Becker Reed Organ.jpg

Time to Tinker

I have played on most anything with keys and I am always interested in older theater, pipe and reed organs. So I am beginning to work on a new project. Found a 1908 Becker Reed Organ and will be learning how to get it back to it's former glory. Have to work on the reeds a bit, but the bellows work fine. 

Since my instruments have names, my Lowrey Black Pearl, I have decided to christen this sweet, little organ Cecilia.

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