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Lori Graves


Pedal Series

Pedal Magic Vol 1

Have Lori lead you step-by-step in learning how to play the pedals with ease.

In this beginning book you will learn how to:

Use proper position at the organ

Know which pedal to play for any chord

Play pedals with any Rhythm Style

Learn how to tap the pedals to the beat

Play your own pedal solo.

Price $20.00

United States S&H 2.00

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Pedal Magic Vol 2 & 3

Want a little more adventure with your pedals?

In Book 2 you will learn how to:

Play Alternating Pedals

Latin Pedal Rhythms

Country Bass Lines

Easy Boogie Bass

In Book 3 you will learn how to:

Walking Bass

Full Boogie Bass

Counter Melody in the Bass

Heel/Toe for Console Organs

Two Foot Technique

Ultimate Christmas

Songs from the Crypt



Live in Concert

Live In Concert

Movie Classics

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