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Organist Lori Graves is Back!

Lori and Her Black Pearl Custom Lowrey organ

Hi everyone and Happy Valentines Day!

I am finally back from my musical sabatical, that has lasted way too long. First of all I did not retire or quit from the music business once I left Illinois and moved to Florida. Second, yes I play the organ and even more now than ever. Third, yes I will be releasing some new youtube videos very, very soon.

I started this blog because I am part of the organ community. I have the same trials and tribulations that the hobby organist has in learning new material, picking new songs to play and sometimes even arguing with my instrument. This blog will cover everything from instruments, to music to what I am working on to discussing what is going on in the organ and keyboard world.

Some of you who visit me on youtube wonder why I am called the Eclectic Organ and the reason for that is simple. If it has keys I have played it, and I enjoy all styles of music. I have studied on classical organs (english and french), tracker organs, harpsichords and concert grand pianos in college (performance major in organ and piano) and I have played any type of theatre organ I could get my hands on. I have played, taught and competed on most home electric models from Lowrey to Hammond B3's to Electones. I have owned and used casio synthesizers and too many to name Yamaha keyboards and clavinovas. I currently have a custom made Lowrey "Black Pearl" Patriot (with a little boost from the engineers at Lowrey organ), a concert grand piano and a Yamaha Tyros 4.

As for musical style my favorite composer is J.S. Bach for the organ and Rachmaninoff on the piano. I studied, performed and competed with classical organ and piano since the age of five. When it comes to modern music I enjoy listening to Keith Emerson, Blue Oyster Cult and KISS and many others from Journey to Styx. John Williams is my absolute favorite when it comes to movie and production numbers and I also like listening to anything Hans Zimmer composes. Do I like big band music, of course I do. With my brother being a drummer, and being a drummer in high school band myself, my favorite big band song is Sing, Sing, Sing. When it comes to big band ballads, my favorite is The Nearness of You. Now you understand why I am called the Eclectic Organ.

When I was five years old I entered my first organ competition. Included was a theory test. The last question on the theory test was "Why did you pick your instrument?. My answer in carefully printed pencil read, "It keeps my hands and feet busy." After all these years, it still does.

Yes, Lori is back and will be getting more involved in the organ industry and I hope you will come along for the ride!

Take care and will talk to you soon.

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