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New CD from Lori Graves

Hi everyone! It's been a bit busy here in Florida and I wanted to get a chance to touch base with everyone. I am always working on material, both old and new, and wanted to let you know what will be coming out!

It's been a long time since I have done a CD and with good reason. First, is that as an artist you have so many different ideas in your head that you can't always decide which one to start working on. Second, I lose quite a bit of sales to CD hackers. CD hackers are those people that buy your CD and then duplicate it and give it out to all of their organ club friends for free (the friends do give them a CD to record it on). I found this out when someone wanted my autograph on one of these "fake" CD's. Unfortunately people don't realize the cost for royalty fees for each song. A medley can cost up to $500.00 and even one song like Root Beer Rag can cost $100.00. If a song is extra long like "Rhapsody in Blue" you pay extra for everything over five minutes and that is only for 500 copies. No, they don't do it for lesser amount of copies. Ok, so enough of the frustrations of making a CD or video and let's get back to the blog.

After recording many different CD's I wanted to do something different. I thought maybe a Christmas CD, because I have never done one, but it's hard to get in the Christmas mode in the July, Florida heat. So I came up with something from my second favorite holiday. It's going to be called "Songs from the Crypt".

With a title called "Songs from the Crypt" you might be able to guess what kind of pieces will be on it. Yes, there will be some Halloween style music, but there will also be music that I am pulling out from literaly the crypt of my musical sources. There will be some piano music on it (I am a concert pianist in case you didn't know ) and also some keyboard pieces, including double keyboards (an old piece on a yamaha PSR 500 and a PSR 630) and a little bit of work on my Yamaha Tyros 4. I will also include pieces from my custom Lowrey "The Black Pearl" that will be straight classical in nature and even some fun TV and pop Halloween pieces. This is a fun collection of songs that I hope you will enjoy.

Some of you may ask "Why not a DVD?" I could do it as a DVD, but I have so many fans overseas and the DVD format from the USA does not always work properly and I don't want to disappoint my overseas friends with a DVD that doesn't work properly. Yes, I will put a few choice ones on my Youtube page EclecticOrgan so that everyone can see it live. Also, I need to get it out on CD because the sound quality will be directly from the instruments and be of a better quality. For those of you that have been having problems ordering CD's from my website I hope to get that fixed up soon, and would like to thank you for being patient.

When is this CD coming out? I am going to push myself to get it done and be ready to go by October 1st.

If anyone out there has some suggestions of songs they would like me to put on it, let me know in the feedback of this blog. I would also be interested to know how many of you out there would be interested in me actually doing a Christmas CD. I am going to put an update file on my homepage of my website sometime at the end of next week to give you sneak peaks of what is happening with the CD.

Happy Hauntings!

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