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New Projects in Music!

Hi everyone!

Sorry that it has been so long but boy have I been busy!

I am pleased to announce that I am working on a wonderful project for a highly respected and professional dealer on producing a new music program. Evola Music has contracted me to write their new adult music program based on their Yamaha Clavinova line. This is an exciting project to be working on as we are working as a team to produce the best possible program that gets adults playing quickly and easily and have fun along the way. As I have worked with Clavinovas for over 25 years and have been a music educator for much longer than that I am having a lot of fun working on this new program for adults. Having had the privilege of writing the last Lowrey Magic series and writing my own classical music program for young children this gives me the opportunity to bring the joy of learning music to another group of adults that want to learn to play the piano.

On the performing side............................

Don't you just love when a piece you have has some crazing feel to the timing. Currently working on a piece that is in Allegro con spirito and in 3/4 and syncopated. Oh Joy!

When it's all said and done the music sounds hauntingly beautiful with a touch of elegance to it. It is one that I have been working on and lately Andy and I have been watching some DVD's that pertain to this Suite. So spoiler alert.................. New youtube video coming out on September 1st!

I will keep everyone up to date on these new and exciting projects and hope to hear from you soon.

Until then..... keep cool in the summer heat!

#Music #Clavinova #Organ #Yamaha #LoriGraves

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